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The Alpha CBD presents the ISO-CANDY product line. A true sublingual under the tongue delivery system. These candies are packed with the purest 50 mgs of Cannabidiol per candy. Flavored with a very delicious tasting candy system. We currently have four flavors: Sour Watermelon/Sour Green Apple/Sour Blue Raspberry/Sweet Birthday Cake. The candies have a four way score, so you can easily break them in to quarters or halves. This way it’s easier to dose! There is a 1500 mgs product with 30 candies per bottle and a 3000 mgs product 60 candies per bottle. We do not believe in super high retail prices. We sell our high quality Cannabidiol with our innovative candy delivery system for up to 50% cheaper than our current competitors’ retail prices. Everyone should be able to afford and supply themselves consistently. That way they can treat there aliments accordingly. The Alpha CBD will always offer the most innovative products at the cheapest prices on the market! As well as giving you the best customer service experience!

1 review for Sweet Birthday Cake 1500 mgs

  1. Becky C

    I actually recommended this product to a friend who was in an accident where his hip was shattered. Since his accident he has not been able to sleep without pain meds and sleeping pills. I directed him to this product and now he rests comfortably without pain medication. CBD’s work people and these are the best!

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